About Clare



The original Clare Gage Button Cup

Inspiration for the cup collection stems from a real affection for the quintessentially English tradition of afternoon tea. Time taken to share a cup of tea is an important part of Clare’s family life and her cups encourage you to take a moment of your day to relax and savour the experience of a good cup of tea.

When it’s her turn to make drinks for her family, Clare likes to pick out the right cup for each person and her collection was inspired by the eclectic mishmash of cups found in the kitchen cupboard as she grew up.

2012 saw Clare add jewellery to her range. Taking inspiration from lace, the range showcases her enthusiasm for fine detail. This can be observed in all her designs. Each piece features small details to catch the eye, from the fabric patterns, to buttons and the signature ‘stitch’ details.

     “Crafts should be in our daily lives. My collection celebrates the functionality of handmade crafts.”  Clare Gage