Introducing #designthroughmaking

I’m really excited to be starting work on a new project this year. My aims are to explore some new ideas, refresh my creative output and renew my love of designing and making. So where do I begin? I’m often asked about what my inspirations are when developing new ideas. Unlike other designers the starting point for me is not an inspirational image or landscape or sketch. I find inspiration through learning new techniques and playing with new materials. I call it designing through making.

I love to learn a new technique. Although I’m mostly known for my porcelain designs I’ve always loved learning how to make things in all sorts of materials. Here are some of the things I’ve attempted (I’m either competent, pretty good, or an enthusiastic amateur!)

Weaving, knitting, hand embroidery, dress making, silversmithing, beading, origami, kanzashi, pottery (throwing, hand building, coiling, modelling) baking, woodworking (although a long time ago!) candle making…hmm I could probably go on.

I’ve not had a go at making shoes yet, there’s always more to learn!

For me learning the new technique is just the start. The best ideas come after lots of attempts! Multiple prototyping would be a good way to describe it. Try it once, change it a bit and try it again, try it in a different material, add another technique to the mix…see what you develop!

You can follow what I’m up to on Facebook and instagram claregagedesign Look for the hashtag #designthroughmaking. If this is how you work too I’d love to hear about your experiences.