Kristen Stewart talks about her love of handmade craft

It was interesting to hear that Kristen Stewart has chosen to take a break from acting and has said that she’d like to “make some [stuff] with her hands.” Perhaps she’s going to try her hand at pottery! I think it’s one of the best ways to make things with your hands, it’s my favourite handmade craft (although that is a very tricky decision for me!). I love to work in clay because it’s such a hands-on way of making things. You have to get your hands dirty, literally!

Kristen has been working really hard as an actress in the last few years so I can understand how she feels when she says she’d like to explore other creative endeavours. Many creative people enjoy exploring different art forms and I think that often includes performance too. I love to explore working in different media (although I must admit I haven’t tried my hand at acting since school!) that is what led to my current range of textile inspired ceramics. I enjoy working in textiles and when I developed techniques that let me bring the textures and appearance of fabric into my ceramic designs I knew this was the style for me. 

You can see the part that textiles plays in my designs in the Button Cup. 

Button Cup


I start each of my textile designs by weaving the fabric, thinking about the texture and appearance of the fabric and how that will transfer to the final porcelain design. My finished pieces are all usable so you can enjoy a cuppa from a cup that looks as soft as fabric.

So perhaps Kristen Stewart will explore her love of handmade crafts by trying knitting or crocheting…there are so many options in the world of craft. It’s what keeps me interested and inspires new ideas. I hope she enjoys her time out. What would you suggest she tries? Perhaps we should try sending her some projects to make sure she can keep busy! And maybe we should all try our hand at a performance art…perhaps it’s time for some singing lessons!