I’ve been to visit the Lace Unarchived exhibition in Nottingham. So inspiring! I thought I’d share some of what I saw and let you know my thoughts. (definitely one for those lace lovers out there!)

Lace panel by Sophie Hallette, Caudry, France. This black lace was lit brightly from the front and the shadows that it cast on the wall were stunning. It’s really made me think of the way that lace plays with light and shadow. hmmm something to think about there!




This was a lace pattern design shown alongside an image of the finished lace. I love seeing the design at such strikingly different scales.
Perhaps I could make use of the shrinkage of clay to create a similar effect- from large to intricate.


Below is an image of a collaboration between Sophie Hallette and Mal Burkinshaw. Mal created jackets in response to garments from paintings in the Scottish Portrait Gallery. The lace was hand appliquéd onto tailored jackets in nylon netting.
I love the way this modern, tailored jacket shape has been transformed by the lace to create a corset and bustle shape.















I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the lace archives myself in the past and found the lace sample books so inspiring. The colour combination of blue and white caught my eye. It made me think of traditional china patterns. Well you know I love a link between textiles and ceramics, don’t I?!
I’m using these lace sample books as inspiration for some new designs at the moment. (you can find out a little more on my instagram @claregagedesign)

This was lovely to see. This was an award given to a previous student of NTU, William Pegg. I was also awarded a design award by the RSA in my final year of university. This is part of a lace panel designed by William Pegg. He created lace that expressed his socialist beliefs…what a way to get your message across!