Clare has been commissioned by the Mayor of Chesterfield to make a limited edition piece which will be sold to raise funds for the Mayoral Appeal. She’s come up a great design which will be unique to this appeal. It will be a lovely little candle cup. A cup in Clare’s textile-inspired style filled to make it a candle by Tissington candle makers On A Wick And A Prayer. The ‘stitch’ details will be in the colours of the charity and it will come in a presentation box made by local specialists M M Bell & Sons of Sheffield.

Clare will start by making 100 of these cups which will be sold at Mayoral events. They will also be available to buy at Created. The launch for the Mayor’s Cuppappeal will be on June 24th at the Northern Tea Merchants. The Mayor’s appeal will be raising money for specialist play equipment for local charity Fairplay. 10% will be given to the Chesterfield Samaritans.