About Clare

Ceramic Artist Clare Gage And Her Distinctive Porcelain Vases

Porcelain Vases with the feel of Textiles

The inspiration for Clare Gage’s designs comes from her love of textiles. Each porcelain vase has the appearance of fabric with lace and stitch details all recreated in clay to create functional and decorative vases. The designs start life as fabric pieces hand woven by Clare and transformed into bespoke moulds. These moulds are used to create her distinctive porcelain vases. The Patchwork Vase is a favourite from the Vase Collection. Large enough for a stunning bouquet this design displays your flowers beautifully. The soft white colour of the porcelain is a perfect colour to display flowers of all colours while the delicate detail on the vases draws your eye. If you’re looking for a distinctive porcelain vase then you’ll enjoy Clare’s collection.

Ceramic Artist working with textiles and porcelain

As a ceramic artist Clare enjoys working with porcelain in unusual ways. Her love of textiles led her to her current design style. It’s often said that a ceramic artist will look beyond the usual methods of working with clay and this is definitely something that Clare enjoys doing. A childhood love of pottery has been brought together with an exploration of woven fabric and sewing whilst studying at university. This combination of interests is what led Clare to develop her distinctive style and after graduating from university she established her studio in Derbyshire and began her career as a ceramic artist. The Cup Collection was the starting point for the range and celebrates the quintessentially English tradition of afternoon tea. To discover more about Clare’s designs browse her site to see her collection of porcelain vases as well as cups, tableware and jewellery. If you’d like to connect with Clare and find out more about her career as a ceramic artist then join her on Facebook. www.facebook.com/claregagedesign