A Love of Pottery and Crafting


Pottery classes lead to designer success

Award winning designer Clare Gage began her path to success on a family pottery class. As a child Clare attended pottery classes with her Dad and siblings and this sparked a love for pottery that led to her establishing her own business after graduating from university with a creative degree. Pottery classes taught Clare the basic skills of working with clay and gave her confidence to experiment with designs and techniques. This led to her award winning ceramic designs including her signature cup collection. If you are looking to find inspiring pottery designs then Clare’s range will capture your attention. She currently works in porcelain clay as she loves the soft white colour and the way that it moves when you work with it. Her techniques involve combining textile and pottery skills to create slip cast porcelain designs with the appearance of fabric.


Crafting Fan

A love of crafting is what inspires Clare’s work. She has always enjoyed experimenting with lots of different media and this love of designing and making is at the core of all her work today. Fans of crafting take joy in experimenting with lots of different techniques and materials and this is where Clare’s design ideas have come from. The inspiration for Clare’s collection comes from her life-long love of textiles. Whilst studying she found a new love for weaving and it formed a partnership with her childhood passion for pottery. Clare finds that the creativity involved in crafting is vital in developing new ideas. Enjoyment of exploring and developing designs is what all crafters and designers (including Clare!) love.


Pottery and crafting displays at the studio

Visit Clare’s shop to see her designs, browse the collection and choose your favourite piece. Join Clare on Facebook to keep up to date with her design work and inspirations.