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Button Cup


It’s self-confident, sociable and a real attention grabber

The Button Cup is an attention grabber. Its buttons catch your eye and conjure up the image of a bustling haberdashery or bring back memories of your Granny’s button tin. Full of confidence this cup is a sociable type who likes to stand out from the crowd, a real showstopper!

This cup has been slip cast in a mould taken from an original fabric cup. It has the appearance of woven and plain fabric panels that have been stitched together and features 3 buttons down the centre panel. These cups are never perfectly round and capture the essence of the handmade spirit.

Each cup comes in a bespoke Clare Gage box making it a perfect gift.

Fully dish washable. Made in Derbyshire. Height: 8cm, width: 15.5cm, depth: 11.5cm.


Beautiful hand-made porcelain Button Cup