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Lace Cup


It’s feminine, imaginative and romantic

The Lace Cup is feminine and imaginative. Its lace trim wraps around it like ribbon flowing from the reel. Hold this cup close to feel the wrinkles and folds left by the fabric. The Lace Cup is a romantic and likes to be held. Imagine a relaxed day spent in a sunny garden, perfect for afternoon tea and scones. 

This ceramic cup has been slip cast in a mould taken from an original fabric cup. It has the appearance of having a lace trim around it. These cups are never perfectly round and capture the essence of the handmade spirit.

Each cup comes in a bespoke Clare Gage box making it a perfect gift.

Fully dish washable. Made in Derbyshire. Height: 8cm, width: 15.5cm, depth: 11.5cm.


Clare Gage signature Lace Ceramic Cup