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Patchwork Cup


It’s comforting, passionate and nostalgic

The Patchwork Cup is cozy and comforting. It’s all about attention to detail, showing both the hand woven fabrics used in Clare’s range and lots of stitch detail. It is passionate about traditional craft skills and, like Clare, always has a craft project on the go. It’s enthusiastic about teaching others and celebrating nostalgic handmade techniques.

This porcelain cup has been slip cast in a mould taken from an original fabric ‘cup’. It has the appearance of woven and plain fabric panels that have been ‘stitched’ together. These cups are never perfectly round and capture the essence of the handmade spirit.

Each cup comes in a bespoke Clare Gage box making it a perfect gift.

Fully dish washable. Made in Derbyshire. Height: 8cm, width: 15.5cm, depth: 11.5cm approximate measurements.


Clare Gage signature Patchwork Ceramic Cup