I’m now a few weeks into my new project and I’m really enjoying exploring a new design idea. I’ve started by working on sgraffito ideas. Using black slip and a nice scratchy pottery tool I have been doodling henna inspired designs on my thrown pieces.

Throwing on the wheel

I’ve enjoyed playing on the pottery wheel, making a mess and really testing my skills! Throwing is not an easy technique but certainly a fun one. I’ve started by working on bowls and small cups. I’ve always loved to create functionally pieces and the pottery wheel is ideal for this. So far I’ve learnt that I need to work on my heavy bottoms! It takes confidence to work the clay to be thin. It’s something for me to work on.

Testing and Improving 

As the pieces have progressed through the firing stages I’ve learnt a few things to help me make improvements. The black slip needs to be applied thicker than I’d expected which I didn’t discover until my first little cup made it out of the glaze firing. I’m also testing the idea of applying contrasting glazes on the interiors of the pieces. I’m still working on finding the right glaze for that.

Hand Stitching

I had a thought to attempt some of the henna patterns using hand stitching techniques. I enjoy taking ideas into more than one medium and textiles is one I love to explore. It’s a slow process but a nice way to pass a quiet evening at home!

You can see more of my images over on my Instagram page claregagedesign