July 2010

Clare has received the fantastic news that her application to the Arts Council’s Grants for the Arts Scheme has been successful. She has been awarded £10,000 towards getting new moulds made for her current collection. The project will entail going right back to the start and weaving the fabric to make the fabric cups again. Moulds of these will then be made by a specialist mould maker in Stoke on Trent. One of the benefits of having the moulds made in this way is that Blocks of the moulds will be made. This means that new moulds for each design can be made very easily. This will help sustain Clare’s designs as there will never be a problem with damaged or deteriorating moulds. It also means she can have multiple moulds for each design, making an order like current project for the Mayor of Chesterfield much easier to deal with!

Clare is delighted that the Arts Council have chosen to support her with this project and can’t wait to begin the work!