I’ve taken a step in a new direction with my #designthroughmaking project. I’ve moved from the black slip to some lovely vibrant blue slip. I wanted to look back at some inspiration that I’ve worked with before, lace sample cards. A few years back I was lucky enough to visit the lace archive kept at Nottingham Trent University. I think I’ll wait to tell you more about why I love these cards to much but just wanted to mention that they are the reason I am drawn to working with blue.

So here is one of the first pieces I’ve made using the blue slip. I’ve developed the layering technique by using my embroidery stamps on a flat piece of clay then using that slab to hand build the round pot shape. I tried a few other techniques on this such as sgraffito, stamping, painting with the slip and printing with netting. Overall I find the layered idea really interesting. The netting pattern is remin

iscent of lace and some of the floral patterns have come from lace designs…maybe something for me to take further!